The Busiest day for florists is nearly upon us! It’s Mother’s Day 26th of march 2017.

Therefore we thought we would put a simple care guide on our blog so you can enjoy your wonderful Mother’s Day flowers for longer! Below is a list of our best sellers this Mother’s Day and a simple guide on how to care for your flowers.


  • Mother’s Day Hand-tied

Mother's Day


When you receive the Mother’s Day Hand-tied from The Flower Box the flowers will still be in bud so it will take a couple of days for the lilies and roses to open fully meaning you get a guaranteed 7 days from the Hand-tied. The Hand-tied will be in a water bubble when you receive the flowers. Make sure that there is enough water in here so that the stems are fully submerged in water. You will be ok leaving the flowers in this water bubble for 2-3 days.

Once you have had the flowers for 2-3 days it is now time to remove the water bubble and all the exterior cellophane (you are best off doing this over the kitchen sink to avoid spilling water everywhere.) Try not to cut the ribbon that is keeping the flowers in place. With either a sharp knife or scissors you need to cut around half a centimetre off each stem at a 45 degree angle. (Increasing the surface area for the flower to drink.)

You are now ready to put your flowers into a vase of water removing any leaves that are below the water level as this increases the bacteria in the water. Using the flower food that was delivered with your flowers empty this in to the fresh water.

Every other day remove the water and fill with fresh water to increase the life time of your flowers. Try to keep your flowers away from direct sun light as this can cause flowers to wilt.


  • Mother’s Day Blooming Basket

Blooming Basket

The Mother’s Day Blooming basket is arranged in floral oasis foam that keeps the flowers hydrated. When these are delivered to you using your finger gentle prod the floral foam to make sure that this is still wet. If not pour around 100-200ml of water in to the basket.

Check the floral foam every day to see if it needs topping up with water. From experience you will need to add some more water every two days.

It is important that you do not place this arrangement next to direct sunlight. for example avoid placing your flowers in a conservatory as the strong sunlight can significantly reduce the life of your flowers.


  • Mother’s Day Pink And White Tulip Vase

Mother's Day Tulip Vase

The Mother’s Day Pink and White tulip vase is delivered already in the vase of water. Make sure when it is delivered that all of the stems are submerged in water. You do not need to do anything with this arrangement for 2-3 days.

After 2-3 days carefully remove the Tulips from the Vase empty the old water and replace with fresh water and the flower food which is provided. Repeat this every other day to receive maximum life time from your tulips.

Tulips are one of the only flowers that continues to grow once they have been cut. So when you change the water in your vase instead of cutting half a centimeter off each stem you may be better off cutting around 2cm off so that the tulips continue to sit nicely in the vase.